Friday, December 30, 2011

Let the Merriment Continue, Please (No)

Expresso has kicked in, so here we go.  I have got to let off a little steam.  If you have read my earlier post, you know that my sister got a crapful of money from my deceased father and my good good brother and I got nada.  I am fine with this.  But I have to see her this weekend.  I have not seen here since learning about how she scooped up that money and decided that she earned it and we did not due to our disloyal behavior.  Disloyal behavior to an abusive dad and enabling mom.  So I have a bit of a problem looking her in the eyes and not saying, "Sister, you need therapy."

I cannot get into this discussion with her because she has a personality disorder, pretty sure, like my father did.  He probably had a borderline personality disorder or narcissistic personality disorder, or a nasty mix of the two.  If  one would approach him about his tyrannical behavior, he could throw one hell of a tantrum.  Scary, mean, abusive.  My sister is just like him in that regard and many others.  

I kind of learned how to keep my dad at arm's length, in a way, to protect myself and my family.  I just really never thought that I would have to learn to do this as well or better with Queen Sister.  She is just so mean to me.  

Although I do not have the guilt of trying to "honor" her as I guess I had regarding my dad, she does have kids whom I really do like. I want them to like me and to know that I am in their corner.  If they ever need help or a relatively sane relative to fall back on, I am there.  They may really need that some day.  If you grow up with such a crazy mean parent, your world can fall in on you.  Mine did.  That is a story for another post.  But yes: I cut myself, overdosed, was severely depressed for a very long spell.  Now my depression and I, we kind of co-exist while finding a way to "function" and be happy in a weird, thoughtful, pensive way, when the wind blows just right and all the stars are aligned and my stomach or head don't hurt too much.  I want my nieces and nephews to know that I am here to help if they need it.  I want them to know that they are not the piece of shit that they were told they were.  That they are not what they have accomplished, but that they are what they feel in their hearts and how they try to express that in this crazy world.  

Wish me luck as I "celebrate" the holidays with Queen Sister and her family.

Blessings to you as you bring in another 365 days labeled 2012.


  1. Your warm wishes for the new year seem heartfelt.

  2. Hi Anonymous. When you leave comments like that you are not being very anonymous, darling husband.