Thursday, May 17, 2012

Another KONY 2012 Update

Short attentions spans are alive and well in America.  I am somewhat guilty, myself.  There are many more distractions these days; it's true. But there are a few themes that run through my brain quite often, and one of them is children suffering, especially at the hands of human monsters.  So Kony 2012 is still on a burner in my brain, which may be more than where it is for the average bear, but certainly not where it should be.  I just don't know: is this LRA situation one of the worst ones, currently, for children in our world today?  Has the LRA dwindled down to something much smaller than what Invisible Children says it is?  Is it too complicated to be helped by KONY 2012?  Is there something and someone much more hideous out there that is torturing many, many children?  I don't know, but I do know that if the men of the LRA are stopped, this world will be a better place.  So I am happy to have seen this:

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  1. you are right about the attention spans. it is so bizarre how this story overwhelmed the public eye so quickly, then just as swiftly disappeared. thanks for following it and updating us! i'm so gald to see they've made some progress!