Tuesday, July 3, 2012

That Did Just Happen

I will call this day a success.  First, we all took one sort-of long bike ride, including some serious hills.  It was a hot day.  90 something degrees.  I do have a thing on my pinterest board that says sweat is fat crying.  So, yes, crying fat happened today.

Second, we biked to a lake.  We found a place to play in water that was not crazy busy and there was no smell of pee kinda lingering around, which is usually a pool phenomenon.  Also, we saw blue gills (I think) and Husband swam through some weeds to catch the turtle I spotted so we could all pet his shell.  He was pretty cute.  The turtle was.  Husband was brave to swim through the weeds.  I know you know that weeds hiding in water really do feel creepy.

Third, and this is the most important happening of the day, I just saved my family some money.  I don't know what the fine is for 6 overdue Ranger Rick Magazines, but I don't have to know.  See, it goes like this: I did write on the calendar that the magazines were due today.  The day before, I told Twin B that we needed to return them today.  It was the only thing on the calendar today.  I know: crazy.  So, 11 pm-ish strikes and as I try to tidy up a little bit, I see the magazines.  Only thing on the calendar and we forgot.  So, as I see the magazines, I tell Husband that I reminded him that they needed to be returned today and obviously he forgot because there they sit.  I think I totally lied about reminding him, but at the time I knew I had told someone.  So I get on the computer to try to renew the magazines so as to minimize the fines.  (Who knows how many more days we will forget to return them.)  I enter the bar codes of my kids' cards and try using the pin assigned to my other kids' cards since I can't remember any pins for the cards of the kids that took out the magazines.  Ding!  Works.  Then I see I can renew the magazines.  Cheering!  Then, I click on over to fines and see that we owe nothing.  I look at the clock and see it is before midnight of the day they are due.  I really don't know why this matters to me so much.  I am pretty sure that I would have had to pay less than one dollar for the late magazines.  But it isn't about the fines.  I guess it's a little like printing off a good paper right before it is due.  If I couldn't have renewed the magazines, it would have bothered me.  If I couldn't have figured out the pins, it would have really bothered me.  I get hung up on these things.  But this post is about success. So, hooray!  A pretty good day!