Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Blog, I have not been here in quite a long time.  I think about you, Blog.  I wish you and I were a thing.  I see others hit it off with their blogs.  They make magic together.  Someday, maybe that will be you and me.  In the meantime, I need to just stop by once in a while and leave you a note or two.  Maybe that will spark some magic.  I really need to update those books I am supposedly currently reading over there on the right, too.  I just read The Perks of Being a Wallflower.  Interesting, what those high schoolers feel and experience these days, yet not soooo different from my good ol' high school high days.  I guess this leads me to my photo up there.  I packed one of those when I went off to college.  I am thinking that my nephew, when he packs his things for college this summer, will not be packing one of those.  It makes me think about what else will be different.  I think most college kids have their own laptop.  No more endless nights in the computer lab.  Hah!  Now I am thinking about the phone in my dorm room with that twirled up cord.  The only way I could call my boyfriend who was states away.  And those phone bills: oh my!  Do dorm rooms even have phones in them anymore?  Alarm clocks?  Come on, Grandma, there's an app for that!  Cassette collection?  As if!  Now that one is kind of a shame.  It was nice to look at a someone's music collection.  I guess now you check the facebook to see what they "like."  That's really not the same.  Boo, I say to everything being so digital.  Yay, I say, though, that I will be able to text my kids often when they leave me.  And they better text me back.