Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Blog, I have not been here in quite a long time.  I think about you, Blog.  I wish you and I were a thing.  I see others hit it off with their blogs.  They make magic together.  Someday, maybe that will be you and me.  In the meantime, I need to just stop by once in a while and leave you a note or two.  Maybe that will spark some magic.  I really need to update those books I am supposedly currently reading over there on the right, too.  I just read The Perks of Being a Wallflower.  Interesting, what those high schoolers feel and experience these days, yet not soooo different from my good ol' high school high days.  I guess this leads me to my photo up there.  I packed one of those when I went off to college.  I am thinking that my nephew, when he packs his things for college this summer, will not be packing one of those.  It makes me think about what else will be different.  I think most college kids have their own laptop.  No more endless nights in the computer lab.  Hah!  Now I am thinking about the phone in my dorm room with that twirled up cord.  The only way I could call my boyfriend who was states away.  And those phone bills: oh my!  Do dorm rooms even have phones in them anymore?  Alarm clocks?  Come on, Grandma, there's an app for that!  Cassette collection?  As if!  Now that one is kind of a shame.  It was nice to look at a someone's music collection.  I guess now you check the facebook to see what they "like."  That's really not the same.  Boo, I say to everything being so digital.  Yay, I say, though, that I will be able to text my kids often when they leave me.  And they better text me back.


  1. hey franny - how fun to see you pop up in my reader!

    i took one of those hot pots to college too--they were THE dorm necessity, weren't they?

    what i find sad about college life now is no TV lounge. everyone has a tv, with cable and xbox etc. in their room. it's so isolating. remember when we used to all go to the TV lounge to watch Knots Landing or whatever?! no more. :(

    1. Yes, hot pots were the only way to have something hot to eat in your room. I guess there were microwaves, but they were so huge back then. I suppose you know more than I do about what kids have in their dorm rooms these days as your son is getting close to leaving the nest (sort of), right?

      It is pathetic how much the digital age has taken away from face time. So unnatural and unhealthy. Although, for introverts, it actually may make it easier for them to interact with people. But I would say my son is an introvert, and he wants nothings to do with social interaction via the internet.

      Thank you for stopping by! I read your post about the creatures in your yard, and I am quite curious to know if you have any clue where the hoof came from? (I get a little shiver when I think of it.)

    2. no idea where it came from. somebody's trash? but it's not the kind of pig's foot that comes in a jar (pickled) i think it's too big. so wierd!!

  2. Good to see your post. It has been awhile.

  3. So many pots of coffee and boxes of mac-'n-cheese made in my hot pot! -and hot chocolate with peppermint schnapps :-) College kids are way more wired-together than we ever were, but they don't socialize as much with each other it seems.

  4. Mac-n-cheese in a hot pot. And it tasted good! I somehow stayed up many a late late night without coffee. I really don't know how that worked. I wonder how being wired together without the face-to-face socialization will work out in the long run.